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Welcome to the main source about Grant Gustin. Here you'll find photos, news, videos and stuff about him. Thomas Grant Gustin (born January 14, 1990), better known as Grant Gustin, is an American theater and television actor from Norfolk, Virginia. Make yourself home.

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July — December: The Flash shootings.
October 7: The Flash airs on the CW (8pm).

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"Thank you guys always. You're the best. Happy 2year"Grant Gustin on GGBR.
Thanks Grant Gustin for always give us a little part of your time since 2011. Read more.

This site is purely dedicated to the talented, CW's new Flash, Grant Gustin. This site claims no credit to any of the photos posted on this site unless otherwise stated. Images are copyright to their original owner. If there is content belonging to you that you wish to not appear on this blog, contact us by sending a tumblr message and it will be promptly removed.

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''David Ramsey is the funniest person in the world. Think about Dig seeing The Flash and who Dig is and having to accept that this is reality and he just plays that so well and it’s so funny. It’s great.''

Grant Gustin [x]
19th Oct 2014 8:12pm | 13 hours ago 7 notes

Stephen Amell and Grant Gustin Tease The Flash / Arrow Crossover and Their Big Fight - IGN

19th Oct 2014 8:09pm | 13 hours ago 4 notes

''I was talking about this yesterday with a friend; about how Oliver and Barry are so different and me and Stephen are just really different. We really get along outside of work and it’s been fun to Barry and Oliver kind of butting heads. We’re seeing them learn how to work together, but it’s really funny because they’re so different and the conversations they have are hilarious.''

Grant Gustin
19th Oct 2014 8:07pm | 13 hours ago 13 notes

Grant Gustin Q&A on Oct 19.

19th Oct 2014 6:52pm | 15 hours ago 6 notes
19th Oct 2014 6:44pm | 15 hours ago 21 notes

grantgust #JettLife #NoraNeurotic

grantgust #JettLife #NoraNeurotic

19th Oct 2014 2:21pm | 19 hours ago 15 notes

grantgust Enjoying the weekend with the pups.

grantgust Enjoying the weekend with the pups.

19th Oct 2014 2:19pm | 19 hours ago 8 notes

Behind The Scenes: Grant Gustin having fun before start to shooting The Flash on Oct 16, 2014. [x]

18th Oct 2014 4:53pm | 1 day ago 27 notes

Behind The Scenes: Grant Gustin on The Flash set, Oct 16, 2014. [x]

18th Oct 2014 4:44pm | 1 day ago 17 notes

Behind The Scenes: Grant Gustin talking with Dominic Purcell, Wentworth Miller on The Flash set, Oct 16, 2014. [x]

18th Oct 2014 4:40pm | 1 day ago 25 notes

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